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This is a place for unconventional physicians and medical professionals vying for fulfillment.

Look for Zebras is guided by a few principles:

  1. Your career doesn’t need to fit anyone else’s idea of what a “doctor” does.
  2. Don’t wait for opportunities to find you. Seek them out.
  3. Spend time doing what makes you happy.
  4. Increasing your income is a highly effective way to achieve financial independence.

I want to arm you with the knowledge you need to make these happen.

Why look for zebras?


In medical training, we’re taught, “When you hear hoof beats, look for horses, not for zebras.” This means to look for common causes of a patient’s presentation rather than searching for unlikely diagnoses or rare diseases.

But when it comes to your career in medicine, if you hear hoof beats, you should look for zebras.

What are hoof beats in your career?

Hoof beats are opportunities to take on new work, form new connections, learn new skills, gain exposure or recognition, or make progress in achieving your goals.

Some hoof beats are obvious (eg, getting an unsolicited call from a recruiter), while others are more subtle (eg, you notice your airplane seat mate is reading Modern Medicine).

And what are zebras?

As a physician or other medical professional, there are tons of jobs out there that will leave you burned out and unfulfilled. These are horses.

Zebras in your career are the rare opportunities that are truly a great fit for your interests, your personality, and your career objectives. Zebras seldom fall into your lap. You need to look for zebras.

Maybe this describes you:

You’re smart and driven. You most likely enjoy the science of medicine. You probably went into healthcare because you want to help people.

But you’ve found that practicing medicine is exhausting, administrative burdens are high, and your compensation doesn’t match your contributions.

You don’t need to settle for an unfulfilling career.

There are many ways to increase your happiness and prevent burnout. We focus on these core areas:


Thriving at work, getting hired, career transitions, non-clinical options, and professional involvement.

Job opportunities

We focus on the unconventional – non-clinical, remote, part-time, telemedicine, and otherwise out-of-the-ordinary.

Business & consulting

Working for yourself by starting your own business or consulting is both lucrative and satisfying.

Education & training

Medical education, residency, fellowships, certifications, continuing education, and lifelong learning.


Financial stability is a big part of fulfillment. We want you to earn more income, lower your expenses, and invest wisely.

Lifestyle design

Preventing burnout, finding purpose, maintaining your health, and using your limited time wisely.

What you’ll find on Look for Zebras

We aim to have a variety of resources that will appeal to a broad audience in various stages of their careers. Here are a few to check out:

Blog  |  Job Board  |  Non-clinical Job Overviews  |  Resume Resources

You may want to start by perusing some of our most popular content:

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Medical Student or Resident

Choosing a career path or looking for ways to earn income while in training.

Practicing Physician or Provider

Considing a career change, looking for a nonclinical job, or experiencing burnout.

Doctor Facing a Challenge

Disability, out of practice for a while, no residency, or inability to obtain a license.

Consultant or Business Owner

Seeking a side hustle, consulting work, or ways to grow your business.

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